Virtual Booth FAQs

Booth Management

· How do I access my booth?

o You will receive a welcome email with access to the virtual platform.

o Visit "My Profile"

o Click "Groups" or "Exhibitors"

o Click on your Exhibiting Company name

o Select the "Manage" tab

o Upload company images

o Add company description

· What are the image specs for setting up an exhibit booth?

o Profile Picture (Company logo) = 170px by 170px

o Cover photo = 1300px by 225px

Booth Analytics

· What is a "Lead report"?

o This is a report provided to exhibitors summarizing booth visits. This is provided to the client for distribution to their exhibitors. A report is available within 2 weeks of event close.

· Do you have a full list of the metrics Showcare will report to us?

o For each exhibitor, you will receive:

o Who followed you.

o Who posted on your feed.

o Who downloaded your materials.

o Length of time spent in booth.

· What format will the data from the metrics above be given as?

o Who followed them - "yes" or "no" response by attendee.

o Who posted on their feed - "yes" or "no" response by attendee.

o Who downloaded their materials - "yes" or "no" by attendee.

o Length of time spent in booth - "Minutes".

· Will part of the report include the content that was posted to the feed and/or conversations between attendees and exhibitors?

o The feed content is reported by attendee on whether or not they interacted with exhibitor content. Chat content can be reported on as well.

· Are there any Real-Time Analytics for me?

o Real-time reports are currently not available. Exhibitor reports can be available within 48 hours of the event ending.

Booth Features

· When using Chat, how do I know when someone is in their booth?

o The name of the attendee shows up on the right-hand side.

· Will there ever be an option for me to have a private video chat accessible from the booth? E.g. An attendee is chatting with an exhibitor in the main chat or roundtable and wants to veer into a private discussion from there.

o Attendees and Exhibitors can video chat one-on-one as long as they are connected.

· Do I need to refresh the page ever?

o If you stay on a page for too long, the platform might boot you out. Typically, the platform is set up to log you out at 75 - 90 minutes. We recommend keeping some sort of activity and not stay one page for long periods of time.

· What are the detailed ways I can network with attendees?

o You will be able to connect with attendees that follow your booth, chat with them (you must be connected), organize scheduled roundtables in the Demo room for video chats with attendees, interact with any attendees that post on their newsfeed, search for and connect with attendees in the "Attendee Connections/Participants page”, and connect with attendees that are attending sessions.

· Are we able to post handout-type documents on our virtual booth for attendees to download?

o Yes, you can add documents to their booths for download. They can add PDF documents, embed YouTube links, and add photos. You can also have your own personal newsfeed aside from the company profile.

· During Exhibit Hall time, how does that work? Do attendees enter a zoom-type room where company representatives stand, ready to receive their prospects?

o No - each exhibitor has their own "tile" aka their booth on the platform. You can proactively connect with attendees or potentially communicate with visiting attendees through a chat feature in their booth.

· What happens when an exhibitor is occupied with one visitor and another prospect enters their virtual space? Can they engage in multiple discussions if they have more than one rep to handle more than one visitor?

o Exhibitors can have multiple reps communicating with attendees at the same time. In other events, exhibitors are encouraged to post an abundance of content to their newsfeeds to generate interest and potential connections with attendees. For example, they could promote a roundtable within the app and request that attendees join them there (subject to the max # of participants allowable in the roundtable).

· Do we have the ability to break out into one on one discussions with an attendee if we wanted to talk business?

o Yes, exhibitors can make a connection with an attendee or vice versa. Once a connection has been established, they can message or video chat with each other directly.

· Are attendees able to visit the booth while other activities are occurring? I’m asking so I know if our virtual booth needs someone to monitor it at all hours just in case.

o Yes, attendees can visit the booth at any time. Some exhibitors have chosen to indicate their booth hours in their company description so that attendees will know when it is manned. In addition, there is a status indicator associated with each booth personnel or attendee that indicates if they are active in the platform at that time.

· When an exhibitor has a prospective client visit their booth, do they get notified in "real time" that a visitor is waiting or interested in having a conversation? What form does that notification take?

o No. A connection must be established first for individual conversation to start. Connections create a notification within the app and an email gets generated as well.

· Can an exhibitor make changes mid-conference relative to what they are offering? For example, they begin with one series of handouts, then decide to change their materials...offer a new pamphlet...can they do that on the fly?

o Yes, you can add or delete or rename documents as needed on the fly.

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